DDS Legal will handle all your eFiling & eService needs, whether you choose to eFile on your own or take advantage of our complete eFiling Concierge.

Submit eFilings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through DDS Legal’s certified California Superior Court EFSP portal – eFile & eServe with simple clicks of a mouse. At time of eFiling, request eService to any designated party (if a party has eFiled, that party has consented to receive eService)!

For eFiling on your own – submit when convenient, from any device!  eFiling deadlines vary by county for same date acceptance – for filing deadlines and case types accepted, check Where Can I eFile.

Short on time or need assistance?

Take advantage of our complete eFiling Concierge – simply give us documents and our expert eFiling team will submit any eFiling & eService on your behalf!

We also have supplemental links, guides, and videos available on our Legal Links page for your convenience.

eFiling Concierge includes:

  • Conversion from paper to PDF format
  • Bookmarking as required pursuant to California Rules of Court
  • Prepare eFiling / eService recipients
  • Final Review, then Submit eFiling / eService recipients through DDS Legal eFiling Portal
  • Receive confirmation of eFiling submitted to court
  • After clerk review, receive eFiled conformed copies or rejection with clerk explanation
  • Return eFiled conformed copies by email
  • Our eFiling experts will assist and solve any issue including obtaining signed orders, Over-the-Counter filings, and Courtesy Copy delivery.
  • Also available – eFiling and Physical Service for initial case documents and hand-delivery for subsequent documents filed pursuant to CCP Section 1011

eFiling Concierge is available to active, DDS Legal clients Monday thru Friday, 8am – 5pm. Begin eFiling Concierge.

Statutes governing California eFiling & eService:

California Rules of Court, Rules 2.250-2.261

California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1010.6

Does your judge require a paper copy?

We assemble and hand-deliver Courtesy Copies pursuant to any judge’s deadline.

Paper copy to opposing counsel?

Even after eService, you might like a paper copy delivered to opposing counsel.  Two expert teams will go to work – our courtroom document specialists will assemble service copies, then our professional Messenger team will deliver to opposing counsel.

Need a document filed Over-the-Counter?

Not all documents are eFiled and require to be submitted Over-the-Counter.  Some judges mandate filings to be submitted directly in department.  Our In-Court experts will handle all by-hand requirements and troubleshoot immediately for any court issue, even eFiling issues.