Subpoena Preparation

Subpoena Preparation can be tricky!

DDS Legal subpoena experts will alleviate worry and prepare any Subpoena:

  • Subpoena for Personal Appearance
  • Subpoena for Production of Records

(Business, Corporate, Employee, Financial, Medical)

  • Notice to Consumer
  • Notice to Counsel – now you’re free to handle other important aspects of your case!

After Subpoena Preparation, we forward to you for approval before professional Process Service is made.

Extend our professional services by naming DDS Legal as named Deposition Officer.   As named Deposition Officer, pursuant to production deadline, DDS Legal performs all necessary diligence:

  • Serve Subpoena for Production of Records, Notice to Consumer, Notice to Counsel
  • Contact each Custodian of Records
  • Calendar ON-SITE records production with proactive communication between location and client
  • Calendar MAIL-IN records production
  • Calendar and execute PICK UP records production
  • Receive original records, certify, photocopy and/or convert to electronic form, prepare with electronic bates numbering or labeling, for distribution to authorized counsel.
  • Deliver production copies, paper form, CD conversion, and/or document repository on production date
  • Maintain original production documents

Post Judgment Document Preparation!  

DDS Legal will ease the burden and prepare all Post Judgment documents:

  • Writs of Execution
  • Notice of Bank Levy
  • Memorandum of Garnishee
  • Earnings Withholding Orders