DDS Legal is a certified and approved California Superior Court EFSP (Electronic Filing Service Provider).  

DDS Legal will handle all your eFiling & eService needs, see eFiling & eService.  Choose to eFile on your own or take advantage of our complete eFiling Concierge.

Not all documents are eFiled!  DDS Legal supports beyond simple eFiling:

  • Some documents require to be submitted Over-the-Counter.  
  • Some judges mandate filings to be submitted, paper-form, directly in department.
  • Courtesy copies require to be hand-delivered.
  • Obtaining signed orders require physical visits to courthouse / direct courtroom.

DDS Legal has you covered!  Our In-Court experts will handle all by-hand requirements and troubleshoot immediately for any court issue, even eFiling issues when you eFile on your own through DDS Legal’s certified EFSP portal.

Submit eFilings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through DDS Legal’s certified EFSP portal – eFile & eServe with simple clicks of a mouse.  At time of eFiling, request eService to any designated party (if a party has eFiled, that party has consented to receive eService)!

California eFiling expanded significantly when Orange County Superior Court launched Civil case type mandate in 2013.  Today, eFiling is now accepted in 20 California counties!  Some counties/case types are mandatory, while other counties/case types are permissive.  For counties and case types accepted, check Where Can I eFile.

Statutes governing California eFiling & eService:

California Rules of Court, Rules 2.250-2.261

California Code of Civil Procedure, Section 1010.6

Need To eFILE CA?